Daniel Higgs

Daniel Higgs attacks instruments like he's either working out their demons or they're working out his; playing a sort of hybrid raga fuzz blues laced with stutters, twists and turns. On his latest solo outing, Atomic Yggdrasil Tarot he tortures his guitar in strangled throaty tones channeling the ghosts of the PSF label through modern day fingerpicked improvisers. Most pieces retain their ragged desperate quality throughout, with the exception of the eleven minute centerpiece "Cocoon on the Cross" which though calmer somehow relays the greatest feeling of unhinged sanity; a frayed nursery rhyme giving way to a distilled fingerpicked moment of clarity. Higgs has made tracks in the past with his band Lungfish but none of their output has struck me as much as this. Even his last record on Holy Mountain didn't quite keep up the pace that he's amassed on this latest ragged soul carnival. An insane distillation of altered perception to say the least. The album comes beautifully packaged with a hardcover book of accompanying paintings.

[MP3] Daniel Higgs -Creation Moan
[MP3] Daniel Higgs -Subatomic Yggdrasil Tarot
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