It seems the Baltimore art scene can't be stopped lately, what with the exportation of Dan Deacon, Ponytail, Cex and the now Videohippos. If you were locked in a room and fed a steady diet of Nintendo, Twinkies and a constant barrage of 80's movies on wall sized televisions you might come close to the 16bit wonder that the Videohippos have stumbled upon. The record cannot capture the full hippo experience as they are as much videographers as they are musicians (as the name might imply). Twisting pop under their arms and giving it a keyboard noogie, the Videohippies taste, sound and smell like the latchkey children of the television generation. Oversaturated in the best of ways and somehow channeling a John Hughes nightmare that throws more buried images out of your rotten subcortex than you can comprehend. So as Adam and the Chipmunks battle it out with Link and Duckie just try not to think too hard. After all that's really what this record seems to be about so relax and take the ride. Unbeast the Leash is out on Baltimore's home away from home Monitor Records.

[MP3] Videohippos -Sick Dolphin
[MP3] Videohippos -Wages Of Fear

[MP3] Videohippos -The List
[MP3] Videohippos -Kool Shades
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