Vibracathedral Orchestra

The Vibracathedral Orchestra create a joyous sort of din on their umpteenth record, Wisdom Thunderbolt. Buzzing with a vibrant spirit that swarms with drones and clangs and buzzes and thumps, the record is a prime example of the less aggressive side of noise. Kept afloat by a sense of wonder and a transcendental obsession with the nature of sound; the British collective continue to wrestle the psychic whirlwind into view, only to be lost in it themselves. Highlight here is the 12 minute center piece that builds from pulsing drone into a diorama of cacophony. The best part of the band is that the players seem to go at the "songs" like eager 6 year olds, each enamored with the nature and spirit of sound that drops from their fingers and rings in their ears. The more you listen to it though, the more you understand just how they feel. The record drops on VO's usual nesting place VHF records.

[MP3] Vibracathedral Orchestra -A Natural Fact
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