Two albums that ride the heavy blues spirit into harder rock territory; a trend that started with a blues fascination that brimmed amongst British and American guitarists in the late 60's early 70's and really reshaped the sound of hard rock to come.

Stonewall - Stonewall
A real gem of the mid 70's and extraordinarily rare in its original pressing, this record saw release on Tiger Lily records, a label that was reportedly a Tax Scam for organized crime. There was a bootleg style reissue out a few years ago with
a different name and hideous artwork, but luckily this classic has been restored to its original look. The sound is a heavy, heavy blues that borderline on the proto-metal blueprint; harsh and raspy and with a drive that will level anything in arms reach. Once again poor distribution and organization lead a deserving group into obscurity. This could have ruled the airwaves in '74 but instead it was relegated to a few scarce copies. Not sure how long the proper reissue is sticking around either, so if you spot this one pick it up.
[MP3] Stonewall - Bloody Mary
[MP3] Stonewall - Suite: I'd Rather Be Blind/ Roll Over Rover

Frijid Pink - Frijid Pink
Detroit native sons, Frijid Pink built on the boogie blues sound and shot it through with a heavy dose of fuzz for that maps the hometown transition from the MC5 into J.Geils. The closest they came to recognition was a chart hit of a cover of "House
of the Rising Sun," trading the original's stark delivery for a darker, moodier approach. They never really attained more attention with their follow up albums, which lacked some of the spark of their debut and after a last ditch attempt in 1975 the band called it quits. This album, however cements their legacy in the Detroit sound and chain of hard rock events.

[MP3] Frijid Pink - I'm On My Way
[MP3] Frijid Pink - Tell Me Why

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