Two albums of lost pop classics that fell flat at the time of their release but as time passes only seem to grow sweeter and enter ranks with some of the more melodic gems of their generation.

Nick Garrie - The Nightmare of J.B. Stanislas
When young Garrie wrote this album he had in mind a sparse literate album of gentle folk steeped in the surrealist literature he was fond of. During the recording a 56 piece orchestra was brought in and
birthed an album of gentle baroque psychedelia that he wasn't exactly happy with. The album suffered almost no release at the time due to the suicide of the label's owner days before its release, but over time collectors and enthusiasts have brought this sunny slice of 60's romanticism back from the dead and let it breathe again. Its a quirky gamut from Beatlesesque tunes to Zombies inflected sadness. A delightful listen that can sometimes suffer from its dated approach but is still worthy of much of the praise collectors have heaped upon it. The reissue has included bonus tracks that stripped away some of the orchestration to let the simple charm of some of the original songs peek through.

[MP3] Nick Garrie - Little Bird
[MP3] Nick Garrie - The Nightmare of J.B. Stanislas (Acoustic)

Think Dog - Dog Days
Recently unearthed by the heads over at Shaddoks, this pop tidbit showcases the talents of a group of classical kids gone rock under the influence of the Beatles. Though they didn't come from the same direction as some of their peers,
they adapted quickly and honestly have some great songs that are well deserved of their recent revival. The whole record kind of chronicles their evolution from just learning to a fuller sound. They flirted with many different pop groups at the time for the idea of them covering some of theses songs but eventually interest faded and so did they. This culls together most of their material from the time. Personally I like some of the early songs the best, simple, catchy and really decent 60's pop songs.

[MP3] Think Dog - No Julia No
[MP3] Think Dog - Can´t Begin To Be Happy

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Can´t Begin To Be Happy is a great track, inspired choices as always.

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