Two albums from bands whose influence reached into the nineties and spurred a new generation to reexamine the possibilities of psychedelic music. Helping to lay some of the groundwork for spacerock, electronic improvisation and a new wave of psychedelic provocateurs.

Amon Düül II- Yeti
As most of the original members of Amon Düül decided to stick with the commune life style, those interested in pursuing the musical career tacked on the II and created a more focused and sinister breed of spacy psychedelia. Their sprawling album
Yeti was a dual disc triumph of soaring vocals and instrumentation that, on the cusp of a burgeoning Krautrock scene was adept at mixing the freeform elements of the genre with the tips and tails of prog and psychedelic ephemera. The album is split into an improvisational record and a planned record but the temper of both seem so in tune that though the 18+ minute 'Yeti' excoursion sprawls a bit, it still fits easily into the scope of the album. Many bands took the ideas that ADII laid down here and built houses of sound that owe a great debt to them. A great and underappreciated album to this day, and one of my favorites.

[MP3] Amon Düül II - Archangel Thunderbird
[MP3] Amon Düül II - Eye Shaking King

Silver Apples- The Garden
Written half in 1968 and half from bits reworked in 1998, this album captures two great sides of a band that influenced the rise of electronics in music. The '68 tracks explore an inventive psychedelic pop while the rest combine drum
experiments from '68 with guitar improvisations laid down later. The two combine to create an album that is both jarring and revelatory. The original pop tracks shuffle and skiffle along on bubbling beats that for the time are quite unique. The second half is a kraut-esque tour of rhythm and oscillation. The album bubbles and squawks in a more palatable fashion than most of their albums and this duality of experimental and pop has made it popular among hip-hop and electronic musicians today. The album has actually seen its latest re-release courtesy of Sixtoo's label Bully.

[MP3] Silver Apples - I Don't Care What The People Say
[MP3] Silver Apples - Anasazi Noodle

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, but Amon Duul 2 is just noise. There is just aimless improvisation. Not very impressive.
But Silver Apples is quite good.

12:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Archangel T just noise?? Still sounds great after all these decades. :)

- dave

11:48 AM  

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