The Sunburned

Sunburned Hand of the Man, operating for the Ecstatic Peace crew under the moniker of The Sunburned, keep it noisy and apocalyptic for their new release Z. A dark ride down a post industrialist rabbit hole, the album is both hazily unnerving and chaotically skronky. Somehow out of the rubble songs form, though they all seem to be named after multiples of infinity so maybe that's a clue to the concept. SBHOTM have been ravaging the mindscapes of the lucky for years now but thanks to the backing of Thurston Moore they are now unleashed on a wider public. The packaging is lean and adorned only with a masked shadowy figure, an ominous warning to the Wiccan drum torture and string asphyxiation contained inside. The Sunburned continue here to straddle the line between free jazz, noise and insane temperament that makes them the leaders of whatever scene it is they seem to lead into this wilderness of sound.


[MP3] The Sunburned -∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞
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