Peter & The Wolf

From the seemingly ever prolific camp of Peter & The Wolf, Red Hunter and crew produce a tour EP that is a mix between the spontaneous energy of Experiments In Junk and their more focused and serene album tracks. The EP captures the homegrown spirit and shuffle-minstrel ideals that Hunter has come to embody. Stripped down and humble the EP brings you closer into the bands circle and lets you join in around the late night fire. This falls right in line with the Akron/Family tour EP featured a few months ago. It's incomplete, but that's the best part of it. It's not over thought or over scrutinized; just as the songs leaped from the artists and onto the tape the moment was ended and its here now to just sit and enjoy. Somehow this is music for the coming summer; sunny without being saccharine, light without being vacant. Check 'em out on tour and grab a copy of Fireflies while they're around.

[MP3] Peter & The Wolf -Timeflies
[MP3] Peter & The Wolf -Images
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

he's just lovely.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree. mmmm

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