The North Sea

Tying his kite string of outsider experimental folk to a wind of much easier flowing and beautiful loner folk, Rose makes his first "proper" album stand out from his past incarnations. Collaborating with artists like Rameses III and working with his many alter egos (Corsican Paintbrush, Eastern Fox Squirrels, The Golden Oaks) as well as running the whole Digitalis operation, its a wonder Rose has time to make something for himself at all. But what he's taken the time to work on is an album of hushed introspection, quietly dissonant hymns and raga sewn soundlings. Floating ethereally between the dew point and the sunset, Exquisite Idols burrys itself in all that Brad has worked with, sounding like an equal bridge between Jeweled Antler vibrations and the Digitalis family. Rose is definitely a leader and a translator of the current folk tradition.

[MP3] The North Sea -Children of the Ashes
[MP3] The North Sea -Take It from Me Brother Moses
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Anonymous bubbachups said...

Wow, thanks man! That "Children of the Ashes" song is pretty awesome! :-)

I don't have too many Brad Rose related albums, maybe 4 or so, but I really love that first Golden Oaks track he laid down for the split cdr with Brothers of the Occult Sisterhood on Time-Lag.

Thanks for the great work on this blog, it's the best out there I think.

4:06 PM  

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