Still and always the masters of spazz, Melt-Banana return after way too long a break. Following in the same vein as 2003's Cell-Scape in moving from their past littered with 40 second temper tantrums of cardiac aerobics and towards more traditional 2 minute spazz-punk anthems, their latest album Bambi's Dilemma is still like a punk rock dryer fire with a keyboard in tow. Showing no signs of slowing down, the longer songs only give them more time to scream, wail and break everything in sight. This is J-punk the way it was meant to be, not cheesy and cartoony; more scary and unidentifiable, foreign and chaotic. I'm not sure how Melt-Banana happened upon the secret link to eternal 16 year old karmic aggression but they better keep drinking from that well.

[MP3] Melt-Banana -Cat Brain Land
[MP3] Melt-Banana -Heiwaboke Crisis
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