Named after a heavy strain of clouds, Mammatus work on a duality of being both unmistakably heavy but also aesthetically environmental. The band take the doom fuzz template laid down by fellow Californians Comets on Fire and Residual Echoes and give it a bit of an acid prog reshape. Not a far stretch I know but still the scruffy sorcerers of Mammatus draw on prog's over elaborate past in a most enjoyable way. The songs are long and monolithic, crushing your chest with their weight but at the same time they cool down into spacey atmospherics that bubble into the ether. The lyrics beg homage to the nature around them, full of wizard spattered imagery that draws the yoke of 70's prog even closer to home. Book-ended by two monumental jams, the title track and the continuation of the "Dragon of the Deep" cycle that began on the last record, the middle of the record makes time to take from folk and krautrock, with even a bit of flute sprouting its head. This record is steeped in grit and pasted with dirt; a psych induced wander into the sea that feels more like returning home than drowning. The Coast Explodes is being released via the new home of California psych Holy Mountain.

[MP3] Mammatus -Pierce The Darkness
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