From the early days of the Anticon hip-hop resistance, Odd, Dose and Why? chew up the idea of the genre into tiny bits and glue them back together at whim.

cLOUDDEAD - All You Can Do Is Laugh 10"
The early slew of cLOUDDEAD 10"s seemed to come out of nowwhere and had a seemingly unprecedented feel for the nature of the game. This was sick slice of cough syrup hallucinations that rolled bits of
scratchy hip-hop into a psychedelic swirl. Each side is just one long track that seems to run with no real break but plays in dreamlike movements; from stutter funk to cartoonish television nob twiddle. At the time nobody was doing it like these artisans of the northeast. I picked up the first two of these suckers but either I was too distracted by other shiny objects to get the others or I'm just a piss-poor collector. Maybe a little of both. A great snapshot of the early Anticon days to be sure though.

[MP3] cLOUDDEAD -All You Can Do Is Laugh Pt. 1
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