Shortly after her commissioned EP for French radio, Cecile Schott returns to form with an album of heartbreaking beauty and noir temperament. Ms. Schott has shirked her former use of samples in lieu of a more natural approach. The only instruments the album are classical guitar, clarinet, the spinet and a custom made viola de gamba. Apparently Schott has been obsessed with the period instrument since she was a child and is living out childhood fantasy by playing it on the album. With her move away from looping, Schott adapts her technique to utilize every aspect of an instrument in a song; making the compositions at the same time solitary and dense. As usual there is an inherent sadness to her music. Each note hangs with subtle regret and composed humility. Schott is a masterful painter of sounds. The instruments brush at your ears and tint your mind in dark hues of blue and silver; like lonesome night itself settled into your brain. Your mouth tastes of raindrops you can smell the cold night in your nose with each pluck and whisper.

[MP3] Colleen -Sun Against My Eyes
[MP3] Colleen -Blue Sands
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