Spencer Doran has created a slow shimmering trickle of peace in the form of A Crystal Skull in Peru. Combining zither, bells, guitar, a dash of electronic manipulation and a serious dose of Sunday morning air he has crafted a lackadaisical dreamscape that is equal parts fanciful noise collage and multi-instrumental masterpiece. The record fairly tastes of afternoon sun and light clouds. This is a purely beautiful album devoid of any tensions or frustrations; a blurry tryst into suspended animation. Doran has proven himself with an ability to evoke calm without ever coming close to stagnant. Like slipping off the edge of wakefulness into the most revelatory lucid dream ever. The record comes as the first non-Starving Weirdo's release on Atheists Are Gods in a handsome screened digipak despite it's CD-r status. Copies can be found over at Aquarius and Fusetron

[MP3] Cloaks -Grass Pillow (excerpt)
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