Blues Control

It seems like just a few days ago I was writing about Blues Control. Quickly following up their lauded 12" Puff, the band releases their first proper CD via Holy Mountain. Another smoke filled, tape strangled version of the blues filtered through the addled minds of Lea and Russ. The record isn't quite the embryonic journey that Puff was, but it draws together nicely from the repetitive piano and feedback of that one and a little from the harder edge of their Riverboat Styx tape and then proceeds to move on nicely from both of them. The duo attack the blues like Tetuzuki Akiyama lost in Tim Hecker's basement, tangled in wires and tying to use everything at their disposal to meld the noise. Hell, comparisons aren't really fair in their case though, Blues Control are creating an original sound that blurs the lines of psych, drone and blues into one crazy shape that puts them into a category all their own. Holy Mountain's building themselves a stronger roster every day. Keep an eye on them. Oh and while you're at it, check out the feature on them in Dusted's Listed section here.

[MP3] Blues Control -Blues Control
[MP3] Blues Control -Migration
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