Jana Hunter

Jana Hunter piles on the charm and the production for her follow up to the bleak and affecting home recording that was Blank Unstaring Heirs of Doom. Still infusing the recordings with her unique spirit and tar and honey vocals, Hunter has crafted a sweet shamble of an album that is at home with her lo-fi past but equally comfortable in line with some of indie folk's front runners. By production, I'm simply implying the addition of more than her voice and a guitar, but this isn't exactly bursting the 24-Track Studer or anything. It's still a private invitation affair as if those supporting her are there because they received a nod into her small world. Hunter captures the shady tree moments, a respite from the sun but still in sight of the warmth and brightness that lies all around. Songs make a brisk with carefree but always leave some element to trepidation and like a change in the wind she can turn the ease to insular pins and needles. Perhaps her ability to find the thin line between harmony and disquiet is her most intriguing quality. There's No Home is out April 10th on Gnomonsong.

[MP3] Jana Hunter-Valkyries
[MP3] Jana Hunter-Recess
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