Hell yes, back to an eclectic Jukebox this week. Filled with delights that skew towards the garage, to the glam and on a short trip through scraggly skronk. Every once in a while I remember that I started this feature to shake out the musical skeletons from my collection.

[MP3] Be-Bop Deluxe -Third Floor Heaven
Quite possibly the best glam homage to prostitution and one of the better forgotten songs of the genre. Be-Bop Deluxe had the style, the swagger and the makeup, but what really helped their sound was Bill Nelson's string work. A completely trashy, fun track that sweats flamboyance.

[MP3] Clear Light-She's Ready To Be Free
Somehow pegged as a Second Tier Doors, this L.A. band featured Dallas Taylor, who would later turn in work for CSN&Y on drums. This bonus track from the recording sessions of their self-titled album doesn't really paint the comparison well, but its a great slice of jangly 60's pop with a slight run of darkness waiting in the corners. Sinister and euphoric, this didn't fit the album but stands as a great single anyway.

[MP3] The Blues Magoos -She's Coming Home
The soul of R&B takes itself to the garage, where the boys Magoo snarl this classic into a twisted sense of loyalty. With a surf-blues stomp on the bass and an organ roll that holds onto you tighter each time, this is one of my favorite girl done wrong tales.

[MP3] Ides Of March-L.A. Goodbye
The poor-man's Blood, Sweat and Tears change their tune a bit and do their best CSN isnstead, complete with sweet harmonized chorus and a breezy attitude. Playing down their penchant for horns and theatrics and hitting that California vibe pretty spot on; it may be a pretty apparent derivation, but at least the outcome is a pretty sweet homage that puts the wind in your hair and eases down with the sun.

[MP3] Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band-Moonlight On Vermont
One of the first bands to get me to the weirder side of the fence. Too much has been said about the genius/ maddness that spouted from Don Van V and Co. and those testimonies will probably serve you well. This is a steaming slice of acid blues that rocks and rasps from the Captain's pipes and marches down your ear canal with the authority of a Baptist preacher gone sideways.
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Blogger kingofbash said...

I'm speechless, a great slice of an era I wish I was a part of. At least I can smell it from these tunes!

12:10 PM  
Blogger Silent 3 said...

Ive always loved Be-Bop Deluxe. Especially the album Drastic Plastic. I thought they achieved what the Talking Heads were trying to do. (listen to Panic in the World).

And doesnt' Moonlight on Vermont quote from Steve Reich's "Come Out To Show Them" ?

4:56 PM  

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