Before they had ridiculously recognizable solo projects (Four Tet, Adem) the members of fridge were just three guys creating an incredibly rhythmic jerky brand of post-(insert genre here); that sizzled with life and ingenuity. Some six odd years later the band has picked up where they left off and then some. The Sun is and exercise in terse edge of the mind jams that spiral from eternity to limbo and pave the road as they go. Like putting together pieces from six puzzles and still managing to make a coherent picture, Fridge play seamstress with folk, rock and electronica perfectly. The results are a memorable swirl through the last few years of instrumental rock that is aware with out being nostalgic. The album is being released on their former home of Temporary Residence, Ltd and will be out real soon. Keep an eye out.

[MP3] Fridge-Eyelids
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