A smattering of psyche-pop and a couple of real heavy garage numbers emanating from the RSTB Jukebox today. What can I say the box is a bit bi-polar that way.

[MP3] Jeff Thomas -Straight Aero
A shuffling lighthearted ode to clean living, Jeff Thomas tips his feet into the waters of psych but with a solid pop base. The song hinges on a rollicking baas line and barroom piano with a touch of menace in the chorus and a reverberating outro. Not the stuff of albums but a great one off to be sure.

[MP3] The Attack -Mr Pinnodmy's Dilemma
A dark and almost sinister tale of being handicapped, the Attack's minor key blues are a great example of British psyche. Expressive and explosive but with almost too much experimentalism. The track travels from dirge like verses to blistering solos and an eccentric vocal bridge. Not your average 60's pop song.

[MP3] The Moody Blues -Thinking Is The Best Way To Travel
The Moody Blues were one of the longer running 60's psyche mainstays. Their music could be catchy as hell or extremely self indulgent. Thankfully this track is both. One of the more "out there" mainstream pop songs. This track starts in with jangly guitar but barely gets on its feet before it dissolves into a tone generator workshop; then with no warning back into the jangle it goes. An exercise in 60's obsessions with new sounds and consciousness expansion.

[MP3] Heard-Stop It Baby
One of the grittier garage numbers I've heard. The recording itself sounds rolled in dirt. A crunch of fuzz guitar and the wail of teen lust vocals anchor this one to the back of your neck. This band may not have tested time but they proved that the snottier the delivery the better the garage single.

[MP3] The Glass Family-House Of Glass
A reeling organ based psych-pop nugget full of backwards effects and psyche flourish. Still more examples of bands trying out an expanding genre but with decidedly likeable results. This has the feel of a sort of forced psychedlia but rather than sounding campy it ends up as really interesting pop.
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