Brooklyn's Pterodactyl drop a crack to your skull like frickin' pop rocks on fire. The band plays pure spastic, bi-polar sludge rock that leaves no room for breath and even less for contemplation. If you take time to comprehend what's going on you've already lost sight of what's happening. Mixing elements of psych, punk and whatever wavelength the greater majority of Oneida have tapped, into a massive record that induces a case of the shakes in a most enjoyable way. Oneida, seeing the kindred spirit I suppose, have kindly signed the boys to their own Brah imprint and thrust the output onto a frightened public. Pterodactyl squeeze the manic love beast until it screams for more and then lay it down to tape so you can soak it up. Enjoy! Pterodactyl is out April 24th.

[MP3] Pterodactyl-Three Succeed
[MP3] Pterodactyl-Rampage 2

*Removed at label's request*
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