Following their dark opus, Black Tar Prophecies with a move to Temporary Residence, Grails pick up the stark tale just where they left off. Their latest album Burning Off Impurities is a journey further into the reaches of instrumental western psychedelia. You can feel the dust in your nose and throat and the hot wind on the back of your neck with each note. Grails seem to be mining the same camp that Earth stumbled on, finding the drone and psychedelic impulses of spaghetti westerns. This is a Morricone feverdream; as recapped by the ghosts of Jimmy Page and Tony Iomi. A dark forboding ladscape that continues to wear on the soul even when the cost is clear. Burning off the Impurities is out on May

[MP3] Grails -Dead Vine Blues
[MP3] Grails -Origin-ing
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Anonymous mapsadaisical said...

This is an awesome record. One of the best things I've heard so far in '07.

8:06 PM  

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