Another solid release from Copenhagen collective Efterkalang. The "mini-album" Under Giant Trees continues to combine the band's intermingling of somber classical influence and glitchy electronica with their soaring emotive vocals. The band evolved the new material on the road while touring their last album and decided to record the full versions upon returning home with Amiina members Edda and Hildur adding some string work. The songs are simple on the surface but unfold into cataclysmic epics of icy wind and shimmering light and ,like most of their music, flooded with both innocence and phenomenal talent. The release will be out April 2nd in a limited edition of 4,500 numbered CDs and 1,200 LPs pressed on White Vinyl. The release follows their recent one-sided LP on Burnt Toast Vinyl and anticipates a proper second album to be released later in 2007.

[MP3] Efterklang -Jojo
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Anonymous mapsadaisical said...

Lovely packaging, such pretty colours. And some sort of jigsaw thng inside. Hmmm....

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