Christmas Decorations

There's something about the songs on Communal Rust that perfectly mirror the feelings of frayed sanity; the calm right before the collapse, after moments of sheer frustration or wild anger. This is the realization that not only have you lost the struggle but that the struggle didn’t matter to begin with. The quiet drones puddle at your feet as you stare blankly into the fluorescents above your head and the sound of static blips in and out in time with the images that flicker past the backs of your eyelids. Not to make this sound like a bad thing, the calm is total immersion into a feeling of release. The men from Christmas Decorations capture the exact moment when you accept total tranquility over struggle. It's not defeat, it's just letting go. Featuring the talents of Nick Forte of Felipe and Forte and Steve Silverstein, Communal Rust is out now on Community Library Recordings.

[MP3] Christmas Decorations -Twig Harpoon
[MP3] Christmas Decorations -Aphid Text
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