Zeena Parkins

Zeena Parkins doesn't really play the harp so much as she completely destroys your every notion about the instrument. Using a mixture of acoustic and electric harp along with some other twisted electronics she emanates a pure tonal rampage on your senses. Stark squalls of noise but up against the sprightly tinkle of strings and both are washed into a wave of rusted distortion and bent tones. Seeming much like the orchestra dropout who after one too many tired symphonies packed up her harp and set out to prove that the classical kids can roll with the noise kids and just as hard; Zeena has since crossed strings with Thurston Moore, Lee Ranaldo and Jim O'rourke and supported Matmos and Bjork on tour. Table of the Elements has now reissued her classic 1992 solo debut Nightmare Alley, a frighteningly dissonant and fuzzed out urban landscape. Since pretty much everybody probably missed out on this the first time around (sure as hell wasn't what I was listening to in '92) the reissue lends her twisted sound to a whole new generation of noiseniks. Go check this one out.

[MP3] Zeena Parkins -Freak
[MP3] Zeena Parkins -Black On Black
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