the USA is a Monster

This record has been out for a few months but it seems it's slipped under the collective radar of far too many. Brooklyn Duo, the USA is a Monster return after their epic Wohaw record with another Psych-Prog-Math-Politico shockwave of an album. This time the concept is turned down and the spazzy keyboards and twitchy guitars are turned up. The album centers around themes of dissolution and the decline of civilization but not in a necessarily pessimistic light, just as would be expected from the kings of the SythoCrunch mind ravaging maelstrom that is the USA is a Monster. This is what happens when progressive communal parents spend the 9 month gestation period with a pair of headphones blaring Magma, Rush and MC5 into the womb. Pure insane genius. How can you say no to that? Sunset at the End of the Industrial Age is out now on Load

[MP3] USA is a Monster -Voices to be Heard
[MP3] USA is a Monster -Okeepa Ceremony
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