Trans Am

Following up their most serious and unabashedly political record, Trans Am take a sudden spin to the side of spontaneity and electro tweaked fun. The band's latest Thrill Jockey release, Sex Change is full of slinky bass lines and crisp and crunchy synth squeaks caught in a car wreck with fuzzed rock guitars and robotic disco beats. The band recorded parts in New Zealand and some at Oneida's Okropolis studio with an emphasis on using unfamiliar instruments and not dwelling on perfection. The band takes their futurism and tosses it into the ashes of grunge. The result is a look into future's past; a disco-funk rendition of what the future should have been from a 1970's perspective, flying cars coursing through over-industrialized landscapes. This is the alternate soundtrack to blade runner as produced by Butch Vig.

[MP3] Trans Am-Conspiracy Of The Gods
[MP3] Trans Am-Shining Path
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