Solar Anus

tUMMULt records has put out a career retrospective of Psych-drone-doomrock legends Solar Anus. Up until now much of their output has not been available outside of their native Japan, but his two disc set culls together most of the bands catalog from their three records ON, TRANCE and Next World News. The sounds shift from hard doom laden rock assaults to otherworldly hypnotic spacerock reminiscent of Hawkwind with some krautrock thrown in for good measure. This will undoubtedly be of inerest to fans of native countrymen Boris and the Boredoms and even stretch to the Acid Mothers Temple Crowd I'm sure. The collective works are a bit much to handle all at once but they do show the progression of the band nicely. The earlier works ar marked by a much harder, grittier sound played from a decidedly dark and menacing place. The later works begin to drift into trancy krautrock territory showcasing an ability to jump genres with the best of them. The retrospective is nicely packaged in a die cut sleeve with a ridiculously psych influence collage artwork that somehow actually sums up the band's sound better than most descriptions. A harrowing journey into the bowels of Japan's underappreciated artisans.

FromDisc 1
[MP3] Solar Anus -Electric Jellyfish
[MP3] Solar Anus -Don't Run

From Disc 2
[MP3] Solar Anus -Polar
[MP3] Solar Anus-Nightfall New Year
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