The music of Rope creates a feeling of eerie dissonance. Slow drones and the anxious pluck of guitars are undershot by claustrophobic vocals that though a bit undecipherable, seem to ominously depict your undoing. The murkiness builds until the suspense takes over your whole being and then crushes you under a spastic explosion of angular noise. Tension is not so much an element of Rope's music as it is a fourth member of the ensemble; raining itself down in icy sheets and pulling your clothing tight against your skin. Heresy, And Then Nothing But Tears is the band's first full length U.S. release following the Fever EP released shortly after the band relocated from Poland to Chicago. Both are out on Family Vineyard, who thankfully see fit to bring Rope's dark dystopian visions to an unprepared public.

[MP3] Rope -She The Assassin
[MP3] Rope -Heresy
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