Rafael Anton Irisarri

An unlikely offering from the Northwest, Seattle composer Rafael Anton Irisarri follows in the shadowy footsteps of likeminded artists such as Max Richter and Greg Haines by creating cinematic fractals from lonesome piano and sparse electronics. His album, Daydreaming, is a haunted abyss of devastation and unease. Though the songs are at their essence beautiful; it's the kind of beautiful that is filled with quiet loss and harrowing introspection. The piano always remains the focus of Irisarri's work but when the electronics creep in they bring with them the foreboding sense of time and dissolution; as if the piano struggles to remember the pleasant moments only to be slowly worn away by the insistence of electronic interference. Fittingly enough, Daydreaming is released on Miasmah, home to the aforementioned Haines and Svarte Greiner.

[MP3] Rafael Anton Irisarri -Wither
[MP3] Rafael Anton Irisarri -A Glimpse
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Anonymous Sal said...

Thanks for the tip -- this is exactly my type of album. Er, one of my types. You heard Adrian Klumpes' Be Still --- similar, different though, good.

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