P.G. Six

Sometimes an album or artist just hits you at the right time. I must admit that though I'd heard of P.G. Six, and heard rather good things, I'd never really taken the time to check him out. Upon checking out his new album I'm sorry it's taken me this long to get to him. His voice carries the same world weary, soft tremble that gives artists like Neil Young and Jason Molina such conviction. His country folk style evokes a dimly lit, blue collar bar on a cold afternoon. The drag of time hangs so heavy on his new album that I honestly expected him to be much older than he is. The music is underpinned with a sense of restlessness, not quite mid-life crisis but definitely a turning point. His fingerpicked style moves fluidly under his earnest vocals and when songs add a bit of rock swagger they never become watered down in the extra production. Slightly Sorry is one of the more pleasantly surprising releases I've encountered yet this year. The album comes out March 4th on Drag City.

[MP3] P.G. Six-The Dance
[MP3] P.G. Six-Bless These Blues
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