MV & EE with the Bummer Road

More great releases continue to crop up on Thurston's Ecstatic Peace imprint; the latest being from Matt Valentine and Erika Elder. These two are normally accustomed to small run releases and basement labels but their first "major label" offering is aptly enough their most accessible work to date. Along with the Bummer Road which features fellow Tower Recordings alumni Samera Lubelski, they create a dusty concoction of space blues and guttural astral soul. The blues inflections seep into their work much more predominantly than some of their other acid folk contemporaries with a heavy crunch of knocked out amp fuzz guitar and mournful harmonica that wafts in and out. The album has a few mid sized rain dappled blues numbers but sprawls out into two long space echo workouts that close the album on a more improvisational feel. Thurston's ability to bring the fringe to the mainstream never ceases to amaze me and this is another great testament to a label that gives me hope no matter who pays the bills.

[MP3] MV & EE with the Bummer Road -Canned Happiness
[MP3] MV & EE with the Bummer Road -Mine All Troubled Blues
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Anonymous Bubbachups said...

My favorite MV & EE album so far. First track of the album was quite a surprise. "I inhaled a vortex last night" Who else could come up with these lyrics?

Good job on this blog, really digging your choices.

3:07 PM  

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