Marissa Nadler

Marissa Nadler sings as if removed from our own time. Her voice is extraordinarily captivating; strong with an icy melancholy that hangs to the edges. It wafts in above her fingerpicked folk as if traversing vast distances, seeming as if it couldn't possibly belong to the admittedly shy, slight young woman. Nadler has honed her voice over time into one of the most formidable and evocative in current folk music. Her newest album Songs III: Bird on the Water, released on Peacefrog records is full of subtle fingerpicked melodies and haunting narratives that all sound as if they could have been recorded and left in a dusty trunk for years only to be unearthed by someone fortunate enough to stumble upon someone's private collection of tragedies. Nadler's ghosts become your ghosts and her songs ebb at the back of your mind long after the record has ended, trickling streaks or forlorn rain down the edges of your eyelids and stealing the breath from your lungs.

[MP3] Marissa Nadler -Dying Breed
[MP3] Marissa Nadler -Famous Blue Raincoat
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Anonymous bayonette said...

I haven't listened to this yet, but the discription is amazing.

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