Keith Wood, the man better known as Hush Arbors has teamed with Digitalis Industries to reissue his formerly CD-r release of Under Bent Limb Tree. Wood continues a current trend towards the bummer psych style that has shaken the roots of the current folk revival. Hush Arbors sound is knee deep in mud and washed by rain; folk music wrought with harsh emotion and written by the fleeting light of dusk. Hewn from the gentle loll of fingerpicking but deliriously obscured by layers of reverb; Wood's voice seems to come from all directions each equally tragic and riddled with fog and streaks of gray sunlight. The reissue expands the album to two discs allowing some longer tracks to make their way into the mix and showing Wood's ability to weave his hazy world into atmospheric pathways to the unconscious.

[MP3] Hush Arbors -Dusk Mist Curtains the Doorway
[MP3] Hush Arbors -Clothed With Sun
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he's one of my favorites. :)

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