Just a quick post about the recently released Halleluwah festival compilation LP. The festival was held September 1st and 2nd in Portland, OR and curated by Yeti Magazine. The LP collects exclusive tracks from Deerhoof, Sir Richard Bishop, Tara Jane O'Neil and Alela Diane with the only album available contribution coming from Vashti Bunyan. The LP is ludicrously limited (600 copies) and is elaborately packaged with printed inserts featuring some stunning artwork by Kevin Arrow, Unica Zurn and E*rock commissioned for the compilation. The following retailers have the compilation for sale but with the limited numbers its not likely for long.

Boomkat Insound Aquarius

Alela Diane Live @ Helleluwah: Portland, OR

[MP3] Sir Richard Bishop -Dhumavati
[MP3] Tara Jane O'Neil -Partridge Song (Live @ the Kitchen)
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