Just as other influences filtered out of the British and American rock scenes and onto Japan's shores, the 60's and 70's blues revivalism hit with outstanding albeit distinctly Japanese results. Blues filtered with a touch of psychedelia and a newfound guitar heroism that remains in the Japanese underground to this day.

Blues Creation - Blues Creation
Though their second album usually receives more attention due to its concentration on original content, the band's debut showcases the same kind of reinvention of blues standards into rock classics that were common among British blues
guitarists of the same era. Led by guitarist Kazuo Takeda, the band had a heavy Cream/ Mountain influence and in fact Takeda's later toured with Mountain in his band Creation resulting in production help from Pappalardi. This album is full of low end fuzz rumbled dirty blues tracks, and though Takeda's voice may lack a little bit of the soul that helped make the originals work so well, his skillful playing makes up for it. This is an artifact that though lost to the ages for too long, sheds some light on the burgeoning Japanese rock scene.

[MP3] Blues Creation- Rollin' and Tumblin'
[MP3] Blues Creation- Steppin' Out

Apryl Fool - Apryl Fool
An even mix between heavy blues influences and a burgeoning sense of psychedelic haze, Apryl Fool's album is a consistently interesting album. The blues influence is obvious throughout the album but the band veers off into experiments
with tape effects and acid inflections. Oddly enough the band's bassist went on to play in Yellow Magic Orchestra; an early electronic pop group that has remained one of Japan's most popular to this day. Nonetheless Apryl Fool stands as an interesting offering of the early psych scene in Japan. Their blend of blues, honky tonk and psych was to say the least unique and one worth checking out.

[MP3] Apryl Fool - Another Time
[MP3] Apryl Fool - Tanger

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Anonymous Casey said...

These were really cool samples of Japanese rock...circa 1969.
Thanks for the taste!
I visit your site regularly and want to thank you for the entertainment you provide.

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