I've always been a fan of bars with real jukeboxes; "Real" referring to a non digital jukebox (the kind with too many choices and no thoughtful selection). A bar's jukebox often gives a snapshot of the staff and patronage in one brief scroll through the titles they offer. This week I'm traveling away from the normal locale of the RSTB jukebox, the one filled with great garage, folk and psych singles. I decided to take a trip to another locale with a great soul jukebox and try my quarter out there. So here's what the needle laid down, a couple of hot soul sides for your listening pleasure.

[MP3] Marion Black -Who Knows
Penetrated by a throbbing bass line that exorcises the demons of the blues, this tune is a midtempo slow burn of deep seated pining. Not exactly a dance number, this is a drinking song, the kind you let ruminate in your ears for a while.

[MP3] Bettye Swann -Don't Let It Happen To Us
Swann has a great ability to fuse the sadness of country and the soul of R&B into some of the most emotional and heartfelt tunes ever recorded. On this more upbeat number, a pulsing R&B backbeat and huge horn stabs bubble underneath her tale of love gone sour. A mid tempo jumper that can heal the soul and move the feet at the same time.

[MP3] Johnny K Killen & The Dynamics -I Don't Need Help
Huge, hard and fast, Killen and the Dynamics set the dance floor on fire with tight drums and a loose swing. This tune is a definite jumper big on horns low on inhibitions. A dusty shuffle of a true bar styled dance tune, no gloss or sheen on this one. Killen plays his R&B from the hip.

[MP3] Wendy Rene -Bar-B-Q
This song is as simple as it is fun. Tight popcorn drums under a youthful ode to backyard summertime gatherings. This track burns with summer heat and jumps with a shout along chorus. This track fairly screams carefree days, double dutch and summer dresses.

[MP3] Sandy Sheldon-You're Gonna Make Me Love You
This track is a prime example of Northern Soul, the kind that kept feet pumping and people squirming. The vocals are deep and soulful but underneath, the drums pound and a piano line rolls the track along with the conviction of a steamroller. Huge and unabashedly fun at the same time.

[MP3] Willie Hightower-Time Has Brought About A Change
Rounding out the set is a real slow and painful lamentation. Not the kind of song that moves any feet, this is where the term soul really comes into focus. Hightower channels the spirit of Sam Cooke and his dusty vocals scream with heartache. A quintessential slice of reconciliation.
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Blogger Color One Tear Black said...

Nice little set and great blog (Cold Sun! Finally I get to hear!). But you can definitely dance to that Marion Black 45.

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