Ok so like an idiot I accidentally deleted the posting on Ghost, so to the best of my recollection here it is.

Masaki Batoh and Michio Kurihara return with another trip into the void on Ghost's latest album In Stormy Nights. The band continue to push the boundless limitations of the psychedelic dirge; with a few shorter pieces representing the feel of older material and the album's centerpiece, Hemicyclic Anthelion, extending into a 28 minute exercise in gloom psych lamentations. Their music has retains a sense of sense of funeral rites, solemn but at the same time celebratory. sadness hangs on the tips of every note and the quaver in Batoh's vocals belie a sense of seriousness. The album is classic Ghost, hazy and lysergic as ever but still bales in comparison to earlier works like their Drag City debut or Lama Rabi Rabi. The album is out now on and it appears that they've followed in the path of a few other great intrepid travelers of late. The LP is a slightly different than the CD, the track listing has been adjusted to allow the epic centerpiece to close out the album but it looks like there's an added bonus of an altered variation of "Caledonia" as well.

[MP3] Ghost -Motherly Bluster
[MP3] Ghost -Caledonia
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Anonymous mapsadaisical said...

Good album this, but agree that it isn't their best, and certainly isn't as good as Michio Kurihara's collaboration with Boris.

11:49 AM  
Blogger dissensous said...

no certainly not. I've been meaning to do a review of that one soon. It's good to see him so active.

2:17 PM  

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