A double shot of underappreciated rock from the Spanish side of the language barrier today. Proving that Americans and Brits didn't have the hard rock market cornered, these bands from the Spanish and Mexican scenes are two of the era's finest.

Tapiman - Tapiman
A classic blues chugging power trio, this band had the guitar virtuosity of Max Sunyer but the sense to let riffs take precedence where others might allow themselves to slip into over-indulgent noodling. The accented vocals are brash and throaty with
a distinct urgency. Definitely one of the finest bands Spain has had to offer, then or ever for that matter. They move effortlessly between jazz inflected prog and heavy all out proto-metal thunder with even a little time for a calm ballad squeezed in. The reissue comes packed with some great bonus tracks that are completely on par with the rest of the album. Hell this one's great to pick up for that cover alone. Utterly essential if your into the ghosts of hard-rock's past.

[MP3] Tapiman- Wrong World
[MP3] Tapiman- No Control

Los Dug Dugs - Los Dug Dug's
A great mixture of pysch, garage and all out fuzz rock, Los Dug Dugs achieved a modicum of success in their native Mexico but were lost on the majority of the rest of the world until the reissue of their 3 albums recently. The songs on their debut
range from spacy tripped out psych to harder edged rockers all underpinned with formidable guitar lines that chug and spindle their way into your consciousness along with the best tracks from the early 70's. As with Tapiman the majority of the songs are in English but the accented inflections give this a unique sound that separate it from US and British counterparts. Critical love is usually split between this and their second album Smog but I'm a bit more partial to the debut. Another essential slice of rock's past salvaged by those with their ears in the right places.

[MP3] Los Dug Dugs - Lost In My World
[MP3] Los Dug Dugs - I Got A Feelin'

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