A couple of examples of pure unadulterated pop this week; spanning both the breezy 60's and cloudy 70's. These two bands embrace the ideals of melody over substance but without ever completely entering the realms of bubblegum. Both veered near success but as always the winds of popularity blew fickle and opportunities dissolved, fortunately they were rescued from complete obscurity by savvy ears.

The Free Design - Kites Are Fun
The debut album from this trio of siblings was a commercial failure that still seems to bewilder those that hear them today. The originals were poorly marketed but recent reissues have rendered them a favorite amongst collectors and
musicians alike who now name check them as influences constantly, Their brand of carefree pop was not wholly vacuous, the melodies were easy but they let themselves slip in a nod at social consciousness here and there such as their dig on the status quo, "The Proper Ornaments". Still, it's the wonderful melding of voices that makes their music stand the test of time in a way that would make Peter, Paul and Mary blush in envy. The layers of vocals weave in and out seamlessly, shimmering with sunshine and hope. So many of their albums have been reissued now and many are quite stunning but this one is a great place to start.

[MP3] The Free Design- Make The Madness Stop
[MP3] The Free Design- The Proper Ornaments

Klaatu - Klaatu
Rumor spread at the time of this records release that this was a reformed Beatles under a different moniker. The rumor, though completely false was never really denied and helped initial sales of the album. The comparison isn't really
fair but the album's eclectic nature and melody driven pop songs bear in mind a similar adventurous spirit. Not one song really sounds the same, from the two long spacy tracks that bookend the album, to the Muppet vocalled "Sir Bodsworth Rubblesby III." The album hits a few notes of glam but was most remembered for their single "Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft," that oddly enough was covered by the Carpenters. The album is nowhere near anything that their rumored compatriots put out while together, but it's a pretty decent slice of mid 70's pop if I ever heard one.

[MP3] Klaatu - California Jam
[MP3] Klaatu - True Life Hero

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