With what has to be the most misleading moniker in quite some time, Boston based Clouds put another notch in the garage revivalism belt with their Hydrahead debut Legendary Demo. The record evokes several images but none of them are fluffy white clouds. While the record technically doesn't break any new ground or revolutionize Rock as a medium, the band knows what they like to do and they do it well. With huge fuzzed out riffs that might well have been bought at Wayne Kramer's garage sale, the band pummel their fair share of speakers in a manner that evokes the very tradition rock n' roll was born into. This is rock free from scruples; dirty sweat soaked rock that makes no apologies and cares little for image or tatemaking. I think that's what I like best about this record; that I get the distinct feeling that Clouds couldn't give a shit what I or anyone else could possibly think about their record. They'd still go on stage, kick out a speaker and play until they collapsed regardless.

[MP3] Clouds -Pressure
[MP3] Clouds -Magic Hater
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