Boris with Michio Kurihara

Though coverage of this album is becoming a bit saturated even before it sees a domestic release, it's too incredible an album to ignore. Japan's premiere shapshifters of all things sludgy team up with Japanese underground legend Michio Kurihara to create and album that balances taught emotional drone with searing guitar work into an album of epic proportions. Kurihara's roots lie in the neo-psych legends White Heaven from the infamous PSF label and he currently adds his string work to the latest incarnation of Ghost. The two seem to balance each other nicely; with Kurihara's blistering guitar breaking through moments of tranquility at just the right moment and ligthing the seas of drone on fire with fuzz. The album's available now as an import on Pedal records, home of Kurihara's other project The Stars. Hopefully a domestic release is soon to follow.

[MP3] Boris with Michio Kurihara -Rainbow
[MP3] Boris with Michio Kurihara -Starship Narrator

Boris has seemed to be too difficult to keep up with lately as their release schedule challenges that of many labels not to mention bands. Since a few other great releases saw light recently I thought maybe it was time for another band retrospective. Some highlights of Boris' labor below to help you navigate the vast lands of drone, grit and fire.

[MP3] Boris -Hama

[MP3] Boris -Korosu

[MP3] Boris -Ibitsu

[MP3] Boris -Untitled 3

[MP3] Boris -(the woman on the screen)

[MP3] Boris - Untitled 7

[MP3] Sunn o))) with Boris - Akuma No Kuma
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you're into BORIS check out STERLING (Chicago). Their new album ‘Cursed’ comes out MARCH 20 on FILE 13 records. The band features ex-members of Atombombpocketknife, 90 Day Men, and Milemarker.

‘Cursed’ contains instrumental dreamy landscapes, distorted bass, pulsating raw drum beats, thundering grand pianos/organs, and metallic guitars. I would recommend this for fans of Shellac, Boris, Tortoise, Don Cab.

Preview new songs on their myspace

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