Best of Seth

Solo recordings from Akron Family member Seth Olinsky on Achord Recordings. The triple album varies stylistically from fully formed songs to expierements in sound to what appear to be the formation of Akron/Family demos. Seth spent the majority of a Fall/Winter period alone cranking out ideas into an MBox and this sizable collection of songs is the unfettered result. None of the rock or free jazz bombast show up on this record, mostly a singer-songwriter approach to heartfelt folk. The songs retain the fragile beauty that inhabits most Akron/Family recordings but with the general exclusion of the other Family members, the recordings begin to take on more of a loner psych feeling. The album, Sparrow Trout Heart Sprout is split up into three discs; Trout, Sun and Sparrow, hand-packaged in a foil embossed cover and limited to 500 copies. The three discs don't seem to be split in any specific fashion, all run with the same spirit of experimentation and free reign throughout. Some tracks require a more patient ear than others, but mixed in amongst the knob twiddling and close micing of perrier are some truely great folk songs that sparkle with the passion and genuine feeling that all Akron/Family related releases seem to have.

[MP3] Best of Seth -Noah
[MP3] Best of Seth -It's So Hard
[MP3] Best of Seth -Ali, Ali
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Anonymous Humble said...

i love seth. he's got the spirit!

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