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Perennial RSTB fave King Tuff has finally released a proper record. The debut Was Dead was released via the small Vegetable Records. Much of the record is comprised of reworked and fuller versions of the scrappy, power packed demos we previewed here earlier last year. Was Dead retains Tuff's same esthetic of cathartic dance inducing youth anthems heavily laden with perfect 70's power pop inflections. If you didn't know better you'd swear this was a lost classic that slipped through the floorboards. The sound has been fleshed out quite nicely and a couple of new tunes even touch on a bit of jangly 70's pop. Sadly missing though is a reworked version of RSTB fave "Staircase of Diamonds." Maybe if we beg, the band will cut a new version of that one too. You can purchase the new record through the band's site. Put this record on as loud as possible and in the words of the band themselves, "dance 'til you fuckin' die!"

[MP3] King Tuff -Freak When I'm Dead
[MP3] King Tuff -Lazerbeam
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