Sometimes the span of time gets the better of the music buying public and even those who tasted a bit of success can fade quickly into the background. Their records go out of print from an apparent lack of interest until someone finally has the sense to see the gems for what they are amongst the rubble. These two folk albums were recently rescued from certain obscurity by those who have the right kind of ears.

Judee Sill - Judee Sill
A talented songwriter whose ego and battle with drugs proved too much of an obstacle for the stardom she deserved. Judee had a gentle and warm folk style that was underpinned with a gospel sensibility she picked up in Catholic
school. Judee spent her adolescence in self-imposed homeless and fell into a heroin habit early. Her songwriting proved to be stronger initially and won her favor and friends in the Laurel Canyon community but even with the support of friends Graham Nash and David Crosby her refusal to be billed as anything but a main attraction and her return to heroin eventually became her undoing. As she faded from the brief limelight she disappeared from her friends and was virtually unheard from until her death from an overdose. Nonetheless her tender songwriting and unpretentious delivery remain a wonderful legacy that has seen recent praise and reissues. Her debut album contains that sweet mixture of folk and earnest gospel that swirl in your head for hours.

[MP3] Judee Sill- Jesus Was A Crossmaker
[MP3] Judee Sill- My Man On Love

Elyse - Elyse
Elyse was another talent that rose slightly before dipping completely out of the picture in the late 60's. She earned a spot on the Johnny Carson show and befriended Joni Mitchell and Neil Young, the latter of whom actually contributes some
guitar to her album. However she never successfully followed her debut and let herself slip away. Her album is strongest when she sticks to the emotive, throaty folk but falters when wandering into some ill advised but rather timely psychedelia. The album was rescued by Orange Twin label head Andrew Rieger who has also recenlty breathed life back into the beautiful and haunting Sibylle Baier record. Elyse's cracked but beautiful delivery steals the record away from any misguided forays into production that seems a bit too big for itself. Her sparse folk and impassioned blues are tinged with a solemn shade of earnestness and it certainly stands up as a record that deserved to be saved from the ashes.

[MP3] Elyse - Deed I Do
[MP3] Elyse - Band Of Theives

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I used to have the Elyse album on vinyl many years ago before it went the way of all flesh, and always loved her version of 'Deed I Do'. I had no idea it was available on CD.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Judee's sad tale always touches me. Thanks.

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