Jan Jelinek

Minimalist electronic whiz Jan Jelinek follows up his successful Kosmischer Pitch album with another languid trip into the abyss. This time he focuses on a more organic feeling that breathes with flashes of life that contrast some of his past albums' stark coldness. The drones and soundscapes that are his trademark remain but on this album it's the details that really shine through. The title literally translates to "Animal Observations" and reportedly his influences for the album were liberation and release. These themes become apparent as murmurs of life bubble under the electronics. The sense of release swims to the surface as the loops take on a life of their own. Abstract sound becomes melody and rhythm but just as they begin to fully form they are swept away like a herd that notices the encroachment of onlookers. Sometimes the noise of the synthesizers completely overcomes the gentleness of the surrounding loops pushing the tranquility into an squall of pink noise. Then Jelinek pulls back and lets the noise be buried under his minimalist instincts like the calm after a rain. It seems that Jelinek only gets better with time Tierbeobachtungen is equally as impressive as his last album, maybe more. The new record is out now on ~scape records

[MP3] Jan Jelinek -Palmen Aus Leder
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