Giant Skyflower Band

Glenn Donaldson, never a man to rest on his laurels has yet another project in the works. Along with fellow Skygreen and Sky High Band member Shayde Sartin, he has created an album of sun damaged psych-pop songs laden with a weary and dour outlook. Hitting on a similar "bummer pysch" asthetic that they contributed to Flying Canyon, this project serves as a cloudy day come down to Donaldson's normally carefree sing-a-longs. Not to say that the tone is entirely sad, the songs are still hazily strummed and sung in a wistful croon, its just that lyrically Blood of the Sunflower acts as a world-worn counterpoint to most of Donaldson's output. Reflection overpowers relaxation here. The same warm winds still blow a California sea breeze in along the coast; but these songs herald the end of the summer and a hint of regret that tugs at your mind and stings the pit of your stomach. The album will be out in mid March on Soft Abuse records.

[MP3] Giant Skyflower Band -Oh Mary Green

Also check out and additional track at Soft Abuse's Myspace.
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