Feels like its about time to pop another quarter into the RSTB Jukebox and see what singles it has to offer. This time its a rather mixed bag of results; some folk, some pop and a mean shot of garage. Hey works for me I've always been a fan of harsh juxtapositions.

[MP3] Majority One -Charlotte Rose
Another of Apples forgotten bands, Majority One seem a great fit for the label. Their Beatles influences are worn blazingly on their sleeve. Nonetheless this song is a wistful, breezy pop number with layers of vocals and a soaring chorus. They may not have had the chops to last the distance but this song is a sweet reminder that they had a few shining moments in the sun.

[MP3] Jack Bruce -Never Tell Your Mother She's Out of Tune
Following his work with Cream, Jack Bruce issued a number of solo albums that recently have been reissued and lavished with residual critic praise. While they don't seem to stand up to the intensity of his heyday with Cream they do have some promising moments. Stepping up the showmanship on this track, Bruce lets his funk out and distances himself from the confines of hard rock. Horn stabs and a throbbing bass line punctuate a rollicking romp into white boy soul.

[MP3] The Eyes -I'm Rowed Out
A hard and fast garage number with an affected vocal sneer and a theme of love gone sour. This track has everything that makes a garage punker great. Although coming a little too close to the 13th Floor Elevators "You're Gonna Miss Me", this song has an intensity and underlying catchiness that still make it a great track regardless.

[MP3] Kathy Smith -It Takes So Long
High, strong vocals permeate this slice of soulful funk inflected folk. Riding the line between the two genres perfectly, this track is fueled by a easy moving bass line and slow burning piano that perfectly underlay the earnest longing of the vocals. Smith may have faded away but this song remains as a great lost treasure that heals as well as it excites.

[MP3] Al Kooper and Stephen Stills-It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry
Recorded while both artists were between bands for the aptly titled Super Sessions record, this West Coast take on the Dylan tune is a perfect blend of sunny california guitar and intertwined vocal harmonies. Creating what sounds like a lost Grateful Dead track; two of the era's great musicians prove that being out of work can sometimes work out extrodinarily well.
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