Following up last year's sparse EP release, Matthew Cooper returns to a form I've longed to hear again in his music. Leaving the intensity of the guitar drone behind, he creates an album that is fragile and panoramic at the same time. Echoing much of the musicianship of An Accidental Memory In the Case of Death, he lets his melancholy symphonic side show through again. Whereas before he limited his classical leanings to achingly sad piano suites; here he opens up his palette and allows hope to shimmer through in bright flashes of full orchestral textures. Cooper proves that he doesn't need huge levels of drone to imply intensity; he lets the simple weight of melody pull at your lungs until they collapse from the shear humanity of his music.

[MP3] Eluvium -Requiem on Frankfort Ave.
[MP3] Eluvium -Reciting the Airships
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Excellent post. Eluvium deserves much luv (ium).

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