Drakkar Sauna

Jeff Stolz and Wallace Cochran sing with a vibrance and passion that shines through in every note they create. Essentially a brand of stripped down folk, they inflate their output ten fold with their enthusiasm and humor. Their songs are of the backporch variety. After dinner folk circles that gather neighbors and lift spirits, that in another life might have resembled Appalachian jug bands. They are dusty balladeers and seem quite comfortable with this position in life; and why not, no one turns away merrymakers. Still just under the surface of the jovial ballads lurks a bit of dark humor and self deprecation that makes these old time folk tales just a little more interesting than your average porch anthems. Their newest release, Jabraham Lincoln is out via Marriage Records and the silkscreened LP+CD is a sight prettier than the CD only release so check the label's page to pick it up.

[MP3] Drakkar Sauna -Mongrel of a Halfman
[MP3] Drakkar Sauna -Paul's Letter to St. Job (There's Glass In My Hat)
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