Atlanta's Deerhunter create a dense mixture of smoggy drone rock and rhythmic pop that shifts and molds itself somehow into a surprisingly cohesive album. Each side of the album were recorded in single day periods. The first side representing the much more druggy and drone inflected direction of the band; hazy and narcotic like swimming through syrup and fog. The side ends when the reel of tape they bought for the first session runs out, leaving the last song to end with a flap of tape against the head of the machine. The second side snaps sharply into focus and plays up the bands more pop centered direction; these songs dissipate the haze of the first side leaving it to whisper just underneath the eye level. I tend to lean towards the first half of the album myself, preferring the druggy sludgery to the more palatable and no doubt digestible side, but its the mix that seems to add an interesting color to the album. The album takes on the feel of a journey out of murky waters and into a brighter, more optimistic future. Cryptograms is out January 29th on Kranky Records.

[MP3] Deerhunter -Lake Somerset
[MP3] Deerhunter -Hazel St.
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Anonymous mapsadaisical said...

Good album this, I agree that the first half is the better one - a bit more varied and interesting.

The label Kranky are on fire right now. I don't mean that literally. Although I can't see their office from my window. Actually, can someone please check that Kranky aren't burning down, I've got myself worried now.

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